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Here are some Combination Vending Machines For Sale availalbe for you to buy:

Small Combination Vending Machine (VM3 Combo)
3 wide Combo – Combination Vending Machines
3 wide machine with small capacity.

36 x Product selections of drinks and snacks.

This small capacity combination vending machine suits up to 30 Staff

* 6 x snack chip or cookie selections
* 12 x chocolates / bar selections
* 18 x drink selections including 6 x bottles + 12 x can selections
* Dimensions VM3 – H 1830 mm, W 762 mm, D 830 mm, W 285 kg

Find information on the many sizes and brands of combination vending machines available, to decide on the right size vending machine you can buy.
So many machines, so many models.
We will endeavour to show some various sizes of combo vending machines for sale can come in.
All combination machines take Coins, Notes, Cashless Payments – Credit Cards, QR Apps and Loyalty Rewards Programs.
This is done via a mobile phone.

Any vending machine fitted with cashless payment systems such as Credit Card Readers or QR Apps, have a remote monitoring system added to them to ensure your vending machine does not run out of products.
This can keep track of sales, stock inventory & more.

A great feature of Combination Vending Machines is that apart from selling drinks, snacks, chocolates etc, they can offer a lot more.
They can also have beauty and health essential products, as well as hygiene and sanitary items, PPE equipment, masks, hand sanitisers, disposable gloves plus more.

A combo machine is a very versatile investment.
This machine can sell a lot of different items.

So much to choose… so much variety
To go on show… in a Combo

Depending on your size of business and staffing numbers.
We hope we can help you choose the right size machine for the job.

Combination Vending Machines basically come in 3 x generic sizes.

A business with:
5 – 20 staff should have a 3 Wide Combo Vending Machine or a VM 3
20 – 50 staff should have a 4 wide Combination machine or a VM 4
50 – 80 staff should have a 5 Wide Combo Vending machine or a VM 5
80 – 100 or more staff should have 2 x 5 wide combo machines or a full Drink vending machine & a full Snack vending machine.