Vending Machine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Answered

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Vending Machine - FAQ

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Q: What are the advantages of having a vending machine at our Workplace?
A: Vending machines are a great way for businesses to provide first rate customer hospitality, improve staff productivity, save money and create a good working environment for employees.
By offering your staff drinks or snack vending machines on-site, you reduce the need for extended off-site breaks, help employees save money and provide a hub for social meeting and office interaction, whilst demonstrating a commitment to employee satisfaction and re Hydration (which in turn can boost staff productivity).

Q: How many different selections can a vending machine offer?
A:Different sizes and types of vending machines, offer more possibilities, in extra selections and hold varying amounts of Vending machine snacks or drinks. However, it is most typical for
snack vending machines to hold around 21-27 different product options
cold drinks vending machines to offer around 8-9 different types of bottles or cans (or a combination of drinks and food) in a combination vending machine.
Frozen drinks vending machines have 8 selections to make 250 x Cups of Iced Chocolate, Iced Coffee, Protein shakes, re-hydration drinks, energy drinks, Banana Smoothies etc.
And the larger vending machines, the broader the range of products, you will be able to choose from what’s on offer.
Coffee vending machines,
Frozen drinks vending machines can offer several different types of coffee, such as cappuccinos, lattes and espressos as well as hot chocolate, Iced Chocolate, iced teas and a range of hot herbal drinks.

Q: Is there any cost associated for our business to have vending machines installed and serviced?
A: Vending Machines are supplied & installed at NO COST to you.

Q: Can our business choose what products go into that Vending machine?
A: Yes, you ALWAYS can choose any product/s that you want, as long as it can fit in & vend out of the vending machine.
We have a HUGE products range for you..including the variety of healthy / drink / snack / frozen product options.

Q. Do your vending machines take notes, coins and CASHLESS options… even for credit / debit / visa payments?
A: Yes, our machines will take ALL the forms of payment above.
We can even do Pay with your Phone via a APP

Q: How long would it take to fix a vending machine if it’s not working properly?
A: Some of our latest machines can have a REMOTE VEND feature.

If you dont get a Product.. don’t get MAD… get on the Phone we can then REMOTELY Vend a Product for you!
This feature bring TRUST back into vending machines

All service calls are handled and actioned on our – Same Day policy.

They prioritize being there as soon as possible.
However if you have a business that operates 24/7 we can arrange most vending machine repairs after hours, also if allowed on site.

Q: Are your vending machines insured?
A: Yes, insured vending machines to $20 Million for both PUBLIC & PRODUCT LIABILITY insurances at all times

Q: How long would it take to get a vending machine installed after we ask to get one?
A: We can deliver and install your vending machines within 7 working days after receiving the formal YES, GO AHEAD! request.

If you have any other questions… email or Call Us