Free PPE Vending Machines

Using our FREE supplied… FREE PPE Vending Machine solutions, enables you and your business to be compliant with your WH&S requirements.

We offer you complete remote monitoring and reporting in one of our PPE safety vending solutions.
This is extremely popular for businesses or short term sites having a limited budget.

Numerous features you have on hand are personal to take care of this side of the PPE Vending service.

This system provides an extremely effective and reliable solution for monitoring your PPE Safety gear usage and eliminating the potential of theft and pilfering of PPE items within your site or workplace.

The PPE Vending machine is supplied and delivered to your business workplace for FREE.
It is maintained by our affiliated vending operators for FREE!
We can cover virtually ALL over Australia.

PPE Vending Machines - Free in Australia

Your vending machine will be supplied to you for FREE!
You also get free vending services!
ZERO Installation Fees
ZERO Rental
ZERO Servicing Costs

This PPE vending solution requires NO staff (but is maintained usually by our operator) to visit each PPE machine individually or remotely.
You receive a report monthly or depending on the type report remotely to you .

Once the data has been manually polled, then a report / sales order is compiled and sent to your manager for acceptance of another refill of the Safety gear for the PPE Safety Vending Machine.

A vending owner operator or employed filler comes on to your site and restocks the PPE Safety Vending Machine with the Safety Equipment as required & ready for the next week.

When using this system, a price is assigned to each safety product type in the safety machine.

All you do is arrange for the refill payment.
This payment can be scheduled as a monthly or quarterly arrangement.

The reporting system can be sent directly to you or whomever… to provide a log output file to show the date & time each PPE product that was vended, with a product name, time/date taken and information on which staff member took the product.

We set up a FULL supply to the site so they can add new safety gear & safety items, make stock or brand changes.

All audit data is retrieved using remote monitoring which must be connected into the safety vending machine and its reader to download the data.

If you would like more information on our PPE vending machines, please do not hesitate to contact us.