Vending Machines for Sale Sydney

Vending Machines for Sale Sydney ~ now at

New vending machines for sale Sydney !
Budget priced… Brand New.. Combination vending machines from $3990 + gst for a NEW Avend C3 Combo vending machine at such a GREAT PRICE.
Sydney business owners can have a choice to either Buy / Lease or have a FREE vending machine for their workplace, office or factory.

We know the Sydney marketplace and its needs of great quality vending machines at very affordable prices, to give a quick return on the investment yet be not cheap and nasty, but a vending machine that can be utilized for many, many years to come. 
Vending machines nowadays have the latest Technology and be energy efficient.                          
Our AVEND series vending machines come with features like Sydney… Bright and Vibrant looks, on call 24/7 and owning such a vending machine can be a asset.
Having staff refueled and refreshed to do a big days work. Even your visiting customers have the opportunity to get a snack or a drink while waiting to be served can also add to the customers experience as well as improving your bottom line to increase profits.
New vending machines for sale Sydney !
The NEW Avend C3 / C5 Vending machine has LED strip – low wattage – low voltage – super bright lighting.
Refrigeration system using the latest Refrigeration gases combined with far superior cabinet insulation and 5ml Vacuum sealed safety glass, is just the thing to keep items cold and fresh while still using minimal electricity.

New vending machines now can accept ALL forms of payments from Coins, Notes to Credit / Debit cards. MasterCard, Visa, Amex etc
We even advise some Sydney based businesses from a small factory …to BIG corporate companies, that you should just use only the Credit/Debit card payment system to
eliminate taking coins and notes , as they cause over 75% of issues a vending machine has.
Our Aussie 50 cent coin is just one problem, that can cause a coin jam to send a vending machine out of order.
This then creates displeasure and mistrust in the sited machine.
That causes a loss in sales.
The Trust factor of any vending machine is extremely important.
Making the vending machine a cashless vending machine, using only the Tap n Go payment system ( CASHLESS ) will stream line any costs in having maintenance continually performed on the Coin mech/ change giver.
A highly used vending machine would need the coin mech serviced every 3 months…that could cost between $80 to $200 each time.
As well as having to buy a spare coin mech to be rotated during service periods is also a additional cost.
Cashless vending machines are here and ready to serve you Sydney.

We have 2 x sizes of New vending machines for sale to supply Sydney businesses.
Sydney workplaces can now make a choice for a Large Combination vending machine the AVend C5 or the slightly smaller AVend C3 Combination vending machine.

To read more about these NEW vending machines for sale please click on the links below.

AVEND C5  $3995 + gst

AVEND C3 @ $3990+gst
So if you are unsure of what size or type of vending machine you may need or have ANY questions… please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

We are here to help you in the supply of many types of vending machines for sale Sydney.

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