Vending Machine Profits Calculator


Vending Machine Profit Calculator available by Vending-Machine   

Easily find your profit margin with the Vending Machine Profit Calculator on Vending-Machine. We have devised this so the calculator can configure the number of sales per day it would take to make the profits you want from your vending machine on a site. 
With the input and projected number of Staff on the site who can use the vending machines, sales per day, and item – product / stock / cost you can find what the possible rate of return would be for your vending machine investment.


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Replace the information in the “red bordered” boxes above and the form will automatically calculate and show your Gross Profit.
DO NOT insert “$” signs in the “red bordered” boxes – insert numbers only!.

* Numbers displayed are based on 5 days/week, 4 weeks/month, and 52 weeks/year.
** Net profit is affected by tax advantages of ownership, overhead and other factors.
Consult your own accountant to do due diligence.


ROI ( Return On Investment ) is the most important information that will help you determine price of individual items and size of vending machine needed to help make the most lucrative decision. The advantages gained by using our Profit calculator are helpful to determine:

  • How many machines you may need to use
  • Your cost of Products / items that sell in the vending machine
  • Sales price per Product/ item
  • How many Vends/ Sales the vending machine does per day
  • How many days per week the machines operate

These numbers can be so beneficial for daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly gross profit.You can see right away what the projections will be for your business.
Your ROI ( Return On Investment) is readily available for future projections on your vending business growth, investment needs, and or for tax purposes. Controlling your bottom line has never been made easier. Give yourself the advantage of using superior Vending Machines at great Economical price….backed by our support staff …helping guide you every step of the way. 
Owning one or a hundred and one vending machines can be easily managed with the profit calculator’s information available to you with just the click of a button.

Numbers are based on 5 days per week, 4 weeks per month, and 52 weeks per year. As with most business ventures, net profit is affected by tax advantage of ownership so it is advisable to consult your accountant. Stay ahead of the game with the information you gain by using this wonderful tool. Peace of mind is something that can’t be measured, but it can certainly be increased with helpful information you gain from using this tool. 

Vending-Machine Profit Calculator helps you make the best vending decisions possible.