Vending Machine Products


This is a List of Vending Machine Products that can go into your vending machine.

So many different Vending Machine Products to choose from : Snacks, Drinks, Chocolates, Cookies, Microwave Meals and more!


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Chocolate Bars

Aero Milk
Aero Peppermint
Cherry Ripe
Chunky Dairy Milk
Chunky Hazelnut
Crunch Bar
Dairy Milk Vending
Cad Hazelnut bar
Cad Fruit and Nut
Honey Log
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Chunky
MM Chocolate
MM Peanut
Milo Bar
Club Dark
Milk and Cookies
MandM Chocolate
MandM Peanut
Dairy Milk


Sweets / Mints BAGS

Mixed Lollies 200g
Allens Snakes 200g
Allens Party mix
StarburstsFruit chews
Starburst Fruit fulls 200g
Starburst Juicy Gums
XXX Mints



Burger Rings
Tasty Toobs
Dorito’s Cheese Supreme
Kettle Honey Baked Ham
Kettle Sea salt
Kettle Salt and Vinegar
Kettle Chilli
Parker’s Pretzels
R Rock Honey Soy Chicken
R Rock Sour Cream and Chilli
Vege bbq
Vege Crackers
Shapes B.B.Q.
Shapes Pizza
Smiths Cheese and Onion
Smiths Chicken
Smiths Original
Vegi Chips BBQ
Smiths Salt and Vinegar
Smiths BBQ
Thins Chicken
Thins Light and Tangy
Thins Sour Cream
Twisties Cheese
Twisties Chicken



Anzac Muesli Slices
Apricot Muesli Slice
Apricot Yoghurt Coated Slice
Yoghurt coated Strawberry
Fruit and Nut Yoghurt
Be Natural – Nut Delight
Macadamia and Apricot
Chock Chip Cookie
Chock Nut Split
Mango Muesli Slice
Plain Muesli Slice
Tuna Tuna to go
Date and Walnut
Pecan and Sultana
Nutty Muesli
Fruit and nut bar
9 Grains


Big Bags Of LOLLIES or Sweet Chews

Starburst Fruit fulls 200g
Starburst Fruit salad
Starburst Gummi fruits
Starburst Juicy Gummies
Starburst Party Mix



The Sydney Nut and Sweet Co. Tropical Mix 100g bag
The Sydney Sweet and Nut Co. Energy Mix 100g bag
Smiths Nobbys Salted Peanuts 50g bag
Mixed nuts
Nobbys Nuts No Salt Peanuts
Tropical Mix
Trail Mix


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Moove Iced Coffee
Diet Coke
Moove Chocolate Milk
Lipton Ice Tea’s PEACH
Lipton Ice Tea’s Lemon
Lipton Ice Tea’s Mango
Your choice in 600ml Water so many-brands
Schweppes Pepsi
Schweppes Pepsi Max
Powerade Lemon
Staminade Ice Blue
Staminade Lemon Lime
Staminade Berry Blast
Coke Zero
Sprite Zero
Schweppes Orange and Mango
Schweppes Solo
Schweppes Lemonade
Smart Waters
V Energy Drink 250 ml and 500 ml cans


Drinks 600ml Plastic Bottle

Diet Coke
Schweppes Lemonade
Schweppes Solo
Schweppes Lime
Schweppes Raspberry
Schweppes Creaming Soda
Schweppes Pepsi
Schweppes Pepsi Max
Schweppes Lemon Lime soda water


Juices 250 ml

Original Cl. Apple Blackcurrant Juice 350ml bottle
Original Cl. Apple Juice 350ml bottle
Original Cl. Apple Mango and Banana Juice 350ml btl
Original Cl. Orange Juice 350ml bottle
Original Cl. Tropical Juice 350ml bottle
Apple and Black Currant


Bars and Slices

Be Natural Almond Apricot 50g bar
Be Natural Fruit n Nut Delight Yoghurt 50g bar
Be Natural Nut Delight 50g bar
Be Natural Sesame Nut 50g bar
Be Natural Trail Bars Nut and Fruit 50g bar
Sunibrite Apricot Muesli Yoghurt Slice 90g
Sunibrite Banana Honey Slice 75g
Sunibrite Cherry Muesli Carob Rippled Slice 100g
Sunibrite Muesli Slice 90g
Sunibrite Strawberry Muesli Yoghurt Slice 90g
Sunibrite Strawberry Muesli Yoghurt Slice 100g


Chips Healthy

Ajitas Vege Chip BBQ Vege Chips 50g
Ajitas Vege Chips Sweet and Sour 50g
Natural Rice Crackers Mixed 125g bag
Natural Soya Crisps 100g bag
Natural Trail Mix 100g bag
Natural Grocer Tamarind Mix 150g bag
Arnotts Shapes Barbecue 100g
Arnotts Shapes Pizza 80g
Smiths Parkers Pretzels Baked Wheat 75g packet


Drinks More Choices

Lipton Iced Tea Lemon 340ml can
Lipton Iced Tea Peach 340ml can
Pure Still 0Z20 Natural Spring Water 600ml
Pure Still 0Z20 Natural Spring Water 300ml
Schweppes Gatorade Lemon Line 600ml bottle
Schweppes Orange and Mango Mineral Water 375ml can


Light Snacks

Uncle Tobys Microwave Popcorn Natural Flavour 100g
Various brands Tuna Lunch kits with Crackers 99g pack
Maggi 2 Minutes Noodles Chicken 380g packet
Maggi 2 Minutes Noodles Beef 380g packet


Microwave meals

Complete meals 20 Varieties coming online shortly


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