New COMBO Vending Machines for sale

New COMBO Vending Machines for sale


for $3999 +GST

 COIN Mech CHANGER & Note Reader are optional extras.

new vending machine… for sale

10 x Types of Chips, Nuts, Noodles, Cookies = 50 Snack Products

10 x Types Of Chocolate Bars, Health Bars, Protein Bars = 120 Choc/Bar Products

10 x Types of Bottle Drinks = 50 Drink Products

20 x Types of CAN Drinks = 100 Drink products 

320 Products in total

BUY a NEW VENDING MACHINE… its a Business Decision ! … operate it yourself …keep all profits.

 For your  Business and your workplace site…. needs to keep the staff and customers …refueled, refreshed & happy…then you need to Buy a NEW vending machine.
If your not too sure of what or which vending machine to Buy…ask us and let us present you with the right size machine …for the right workplace.

We have been in the Vending industry a long time, 11 + years now…and with our vending repair technitions combined… we have over 100 Years of experience… so we do know, that having to buy a vending machine, to suit a site, has to be based on:
1. Number of Staff
2. Drinks, Snacks, Cans or Bottles ? What to sell
3. Hot or Cold Products
4. What other products could the machine sell or supply my staff with?
5. Where will the vending machine I buy, fit in my workplace…will it fit thru doorways easy, will the machine be too big or small and have enough capacity of products to sell                                                                                                                      6. Could the vending machine i buy today…. be a model that in a year or so from now… will have gone out of business and not have any spares available for it.
7. Who can or will service the vending machine if it does have a problem… sometime in the future ?

Are you in the market to buy vending machine for a little extra cash or a new business venture ?
We can help you there as well, we have the industry knowledge and have been there ourselves.
We can give you advice and the right price on a NEW vending machine.


Being in the market to buy new vending machine… are you buying outright, leasing or renting ?
What are your best TAX options ?
Can I increase my income and cash flow ?

We are not just here to sell you a new vending machine.
We want to ensure that you know… you have someone to help assist you.. with the right vending machine to buy. A New vending machine … or a Used vending machine

We have Vending Machines For Sale – Buy, Lease, Rent or FREE

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