I like the people from vending-machine.com.au and the products they can supply. Any time I’ve had an issue, the Customer Service Team has done what they promise & suggest.

They solved my problem and made me happy. I had a old clunker used vending machine I had bought from Ebay, thinking it would be great for the staff. Boy was I wrong. I contacted them to get this machine fixed but the refrigeration system was shot, there wasn’t a Coin acceptor with this machine, so it didnt work from day one.

I called the people I had bought it from and because it was transported from interstate they said it was the transport company who had damaged it in transit.

The technician Ross advised this machine wasn’t worth fixing , as I had bought it for $500. He advised to buy a Brand New Combination Vending Machine a AVend C5 for $4400. He organised the sale and the delivery. Showed us how to use it and refill it . Rest assured that when you invest in a product from Vending Machine that you’re investing in a quality value for money, that is going to help you and your business.

I don’t know anything about vending machines, its not my field, but these people do and advised me I believe correctly. I have achieved what I wanted for my staff, a reliable new vending machine with a depreciation schedule. Doing this has made it a easy transaction.

I would recommend that if you want your own vending machine for your business then get advice & the right price from the people at Vending-Machine.com.au

Gary Pettrovich ,

Vending Machine.com.au – Always Delivers Superior Cost Effective Products!

” I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on vending machines & products over the years. Unfortunately, you don’t always get a great vending machine or vending products, nor great customer service. However, Ben, David and Ross from Vending-Machine have always endeavored, I believe, to deliver superior cost effective vending products and equipment. For me their customer service is the best bar none.

I will continue to be a loyal customer to Vending-Machine.

Thanks guys for a top notch vending company !                                                                                I’ m sure as long as you guys continue to remember who you are ….you’ll continue to remain my number one go to vending company for great value vending machine equipment , products and customer service!!”


Fast, Responsive Support From A Competent Team                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Responsive support from a competent and knowledgeable vending company who has a helpful technical team . To me this is extremely important, especially when your site is having hundreds of visitors daily. The response was quick and they were professional.

I would highly recommend to use Vending-Machine.com.au




Good Vending Products – Great Vending Support!

I discovered Vending-Machine.com.au to be really informative and helpful.                            I filled in a contact form and got call in 15 minutes. Very responsive, wish I could get that service from everyone in life.

It would make things a lot easier.

I don’t know anything about vending machines …but he did.                                                      David knew exactly what machine would be good fit for us.

He explained about the vast amount of choices in all the snacks, all the drinks.
We have a really good service, every week the vending guy… Pete, comes and clean the machine, replaces stock and seems very obliging. One of the girls wanted a dietary drink and it was changed over… then and there.
I recommend using their service. Supplying a Free Vending Machine at no cost , refilling and looking after the supplied machine it’s great + keeps our staff happy.


Sam Kromstain , Manager